About Us

Who We Are
The Wanderlust Soul Market is a fashion marketplace dedicated to bringing high-quality & ethically made products to fashion-forward people around the world. Founded with a focus on working with local artisans to handpick the finest of products that fit different personality & tastes, our goal is to meet your needs while also ensuring the most outstanding shopping experience possible.
Over the years, a wide array of products have made there ways to the market. As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products in our environment intensifies, we've partnered up with individuals developing those unique products from our trips across the globe, all while increasing their quality of life as well.  
Today The Wanderlust Soul Market exists to distribute the products worldwide allowing consumers to access not just quality but ethically and thoughtfully made products. As a fast-growing brand with customer’s satisfaction and happiness at its core, we take pride in our close relationships with local artisans and our exceptional customer service to our clients.
Our Products
At The Wanderlust Soul Market, we offer an exclusive range of products made with attention, love, and care. From beautiful and desirable items such as vintage Guatemalan huipil, fabrics, and bags made of recycled materials, we've partnered with talented local artisans to carefully select uncompromised pieces of products that are good for us, you and our planet earth.
Whether you appreciate the rare face of vintage or the unique natural emblem in its design, we are committed to finding new and intriguing items that will inspire you and your style. We know you love something that complements your outfits and our products give more as they tell a story and represent the region where they come from.
Our Mission
To regularly partner with local artisans to create stylish products that are lovely and environmentally friendly for consumers. We aim to maintain our legacy and values so we can always deliver top-notch quality products to our customers.
Our Values
The integrity, authenticity, and ethical standard that we imbibe have been the pillars holding our company since its inception.
Customer Service
Here at The Wanderlust Soul Market, customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to create a reliable and hassle-free shipping, pay close attention to your needs while we listen to your queries and provide a quick response to all your needs. When you buy from us, we always strive to make your overall experience as enjoyable as possible!